Tribal Chilli - UK Supplier of All Things Chilli

If you are looking for spice you have come to the right place.  Chillies have always had a special place in our life - They simply make you Happy.  Here at Tribal Chilli we are taking what has been a personal passion until now and making the supply of some of the hottest Chillies in the world available in the United Kingdom.  From the hottest Peppers in the World; The Carolina Reaper, The Trinidad Scorpian and The Ghost Pepper, all weighing in at way over 1M SHU (Scoville Heat Units) our dream is to bring the heat to the UK.  Slightly cooler variations are also available.

Chilli Categories

Tribal Chilli Jams

Having aquired the recipes from Fuze Sauces in August we have been experimenting in the Tribal Chilli Kitchen. We can now announce that although we have made some changes to the recipes and methods, we are now ready to launch the Mild, Wildfire and Lethal Tribal Chilli Jams. We have a couple of other variations coming soon including the Herby and Jalapeno Jam

Chilli Biltong

The Chilli Biltong is by far our best selling product. Having spent many years in South Africa we know how to make this the traditional way. The result is simply the most delicious South African Biltong with full traditional flavour and a variety of Mild, Medium and Hot variations. Biltong is not only delicious but high in protein and goodness, the perfect snack for those dieting or exercising vigourously.

Chilli Sauces

This is where the journey started, blending up some of the most insane hot sauces for family, friends and work colleagues.  Following several years of playing with the ingredients and recipes we believe we have a great range of medium to super hot sauces.  The most popular Chilli sauce is the Carolina Reaper sauce which we are told is a total winner!