Biltong Fur Dogs

Shampooch Dog GroomingI am very excited to announce that my Biltong Fur Dogs is now available exclusively through Shampooch.  I created this none spicy version of Biltong for my two dogs (Chilli & Cayenne) who simply could not control their impulses and would circle around me like hungry wolves whenever I dried off a new batch of my Chilli Biltong.  Now obviously you don't want to be feeding your dog spicy food but I thought if I left off all the spice and simply just dried the beef without any additives this might still be interesting enough for the dogs.  It turns out it is irresistible to them and also so nutritious at the same time.

I recommend keeping these Caviar of treats sacred between you and your Dog, but if you do venture out with a pouch in your coat pocket be prepared to make lots of new friends.

I have known Tina at Shampooch for nearly 4 years and in my opinion she is the best dog groomer you could wish for.  She has been grooming Chilli and Cayenne for all of this time and they absolutely love their pamper sessions with her.  She treats each dog as individuals and caters exactly to their needs and personalities.

Tina has recently launched her new website which now includes an online Tuckshop of goodies and care products for your four legged friends.  A few weeks back I introduced the Biltong Fur Dogs to Archie and Charlie (Tina's Spaniels) and I think it was love at first bite!  I will also point out that it was Tina who phrased the name "Biltong Fur Dogs"! I had originally called it Dog Biltong but felt that might be misinterpreted.

Biltong Fur Dogs is available exclusively from Shampooch, so Click Here and spin on over to the Shampooch Tuckshop

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