Tribal Chilli is a UK supplier of all things Chilli


Driven by an immense passion for chillies, particularly the super-hot varieties, Tribal Chilli took root. Armed with homemade polytunnels, the journey of growing a diverse range of chillies began seven years ago. Medium-strength varieties like Cayenne, Apache, Hot Wax, and Jalapeño thrived in the UK climate, while the super-hots required extra care and attention.  

Today, after years of experimentation and dedication, Tribal Chilli has nearly perfected the propagation and growth of the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost, and Habanero varieties. The ultimate goal? To make these fiery delights accessible to chilli enthusiasts, or "Chilli Heads," across the UK.

The challenges of seasonal growth in the UK led to a collaboration with a network of chilli growers in the Netherlands, South of Spain, and Morocco. This partnership ensures that most of the chillies in the catalogue can be available for the majority of the year (excluding super-hots between November and April).

But Tribal Chilli doesn't stop at providing fresh chillies. Seedlings, chilli sauces, and a range of other chilli products will soon grace the Store page, offering even more ways to ignite your taste buds.

While the website is currently basic, built on the secure Shopify platform with payment options through Paypal and Shopify Pay, Tribal Chilli welcomes any web developers or Shopify experts who can help take the site to the next level. Collaboration and growth are key to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

So, whether you're a seasoned chilli aficionado or a curious taste explorer, Tribal Chilli is here to provide you with a sizzling journey through the world of chillies. Visit our website, explore the offerings, and let the heat begin.