Trinidad Moruga Scorpian

900,000 - 1,463,700 SHU

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpian was the precursor to the Carolina Reaper and although it was submitted to Guinness World Records it never received the accolades it should have some believe, instead the Ghost maintained its position until the Reaper took over in 2013.


The Scorpion is still an outstanding Chilli and as you can see from the SHU it really does pack a punch.  Not as fruity as the Reaper but has a slightly cleaner texture (If you're eating them raw and for fun in a Chilli eating contest).  The pods grow to 4 - 8cm long with a tail similar to the Reaper.  They ripen from green to orange and eventually red, but be patient as they can take time to fully ripen in the UK climate.